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Virtual Mill - Solutions - Concept


The Virtual Mill is a professional solution for creating, storing, maintaining, searching and accessing technical information on an industrial scale. The Virtual Mill is created during the normal course of a detail engineering project. Alternatively, the as-built situation of an existing plant can be defined in the form of a Virtual Mill.

The Virtual Mill serves all phases of the plant - design, engineering, construction, installation, start-up, operation and maintenance.

The Virtual Mill consists of a 3D-model, a database and documents, which together define the real plant. These can be fluently integrated to other mill systems such as maintenance system.

Web-based user interface ensures fast and easy access to any information or document. The Virtual Mill quickly provides you with up-to-date information on any part of your plant.

To summarise it the Virtual Mill concept enables:

  • model based and integrated engineering
  • life cycle information management
  • easy web access to up-to-date technical information
  • integration with other mill systems
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