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Mechanical, process, electrical, instrument and automation engineering data

ProElina features integrated engineering standards, templates, sizing calculation models, component libraries and graphic libraries, which ensure increased efficiency and consistent quality of engineering.

A mill model which contains information on process equipment, pressure vessels, tanks, agitators, pumps, piping and valves is created and updated with ProElina. The model defines technical data, such as capacities, sizes, power requirements and piping connections, and operational data, including flow media, flow rates, pressures and consistencies. Detailed electrical, instrument and automation engineering data, for example components, cabling, signals and connections are created and maintained with ProElina.

Documents such as process flow diagrams are linked directly to the ProElina data base, ensuring consistent information in all documents.


Material take-offs and procurement specifications are generated directly from the mill model. The mill model can also be used for cost control. Alternatively, it can be connected to the mill's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Installation progress reports and commissioning lists can be easily generated with ProElina.


ProElina stores functional and technical information on processes, equipment and operation. This information can be easily accessed via WebPub. Alternatively, by linking the mill model to the mill's distributed control system (DCS), operators can call up this information directly on the DCS screen.


ProElina is used to update the functional and technical mill model. The technical information can be transferred or linked to the maintenance management system (MMS) and ERP system.

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ProElina - Solution to mill information management

A powerful tool for managing mechanical, process, electrical, instrument and automation engineering data.

The functional and technical model is created and up-dated with ProElina, the physical model with a 3D CAD application.

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